Checklist: DR Plan Sanity Check

Start DR Plan
Start DR Plan
If a disaster struck tomorrow, are you ready for it? Are you sure you thought of everything? I cannot count the number of times something happened, and I thought that I should have been able to anticipate that. It can be a big benefit to get another viewpoint on your disaster plan. No matter how well you think you’ve covered yourself, someone who thinks about things differently than you do can often see something you don’t.

Here’s a checklist of things you might not have considered. This can be your other set of eyes.

DR Plan Sanity Check

Empty TableRecovery from Data Loss
Table dropped, data deletion, update gone awry, etc
StorageRecovery from Server/Storage Failure
SAN/NAS/DAS failure, server failure, VM host failure, local storage failure, etc
CorruptionRecovery from Corruption
Single page restore, partial restore, index recreation
TsunamiRecovery from Localized Disaster
Hurricane, earthquake, explosion, power outage, flood, etc
Fallout ShelterRecovery from Widespread Disaster
Massive asteroid, super volcano, zombie apocalypse, alien attack, other cataclysms

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