Best Practicing, the Results Part Dos

SQL Server Best Practices
SQL Server Best Practices
This week, we have been talking about running the Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2.01 with the SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer for 2008 R2.  Today I want to talk about one of the errors that occurred on one of the new boxes I just stood up in a new cluster.  You may encounter a prerequisite error stating that the user is not a member of the Administrators group on the remote machine or PowerShell remoting is not enabled on the remote server.  This is easily remedied.

  1. Add the user as a member of the Administrators group, or
  2. Run Enable-PSRemoting in PowerShell with elevated privileges, AND
  3. Run winrm set winrm/config/winrs `@`{MaxShellsPerUser=`”10″`} in PowerShell with elevated privileges.

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