T-SQL Tuesday #19–What A Disaster

SQL Server Best Practices
SQL Server Best Practices
Allen Kinsel (blog|twitter) is running this months T-SQL Tuesday and wanted to know about preparing or recovering from a disaster. I thought this might be a good opportunity to tell a little story of how a disaster sucked up around three weeks of my life a couple of years ago.

It was a normal day, I was sitting and quietly going through a small staging release when my director asked me to come into his office. Instantly I started wondering “what did I do?”

Not being able to come up with anything egregious I settled down the stomach gurgles and went wandering in. That I walked in and was offered a seat I got nervous again, this was not a good sign with this director. Now I was really curious as to what could be up.

What was up?

“Are you working on anything big right now?” were the words that kicked off something that changed my views on a lot of things.

“Nothing that can’t be put on hold, what’s up?”

“Did you hear about the outage?”

“Sure, everyone here has heard about that, it’s a seriously messed up situation.”

“How do you feel about being a part of the solution?”

My long nurtured DBA sense of responsibility kicked in at this point and I heard myself saying “sure”

“Great, I’ll shoot an email off to the admin, you’ll be on a flight to first thing in the morning.”

I quickly rearranged all of my plans for the next few days and resisted giving myself a facepalm until I was well clear of the office.

Up, up and away

The next morning I hopped on a plane and by mid-afternoon was at my place of destination. When I walked in the door it was all hands to the pump where people were rushing around like crazy and the smell of desperation was in the air.

I was brought into a room and the situation explained to me…

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