The Right Way To Attend PASS Summit

PASS Summit
PASS Summit
TL;DR – there is no right, or wrong way to attend the Summit. Decide on the things that are important to you, and what you want to get out of the days while you are there, and focus on those.

With the 2016 PASS Summit coming up in a few weeks there are lots of people giving some great advice on how to make the most of attending.

I’ve also seen people stating that if you aren’t doing a thing during Summit week then you are somehow doing things incorrectly.

Doing it wrong?

My personal feelings around this particular piece of advice do not fit with this “doing it wrong” sentiment.

The initial tweet (which is something that has been repeated by various people over the years, along with variations on it) is not meant to be anything malicious. It is heartfelt advice from someone who honestly believes that the best way to get the most from the Summit is to be sure to get out and meet people once the day of structured learning is complete.

The difficulty is in the way that this message is being delivered. It can create anxiety for people who have a fear of missing out, which can lead to them doing things that they really do not want to do, or beating themselves up for not doing things that that all of a sudden think that they should be (as not doing so would be wrong).

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