How To Not Be a Commodity DBA – Part 1

SQL Server Best Practices
SQL Server Best Practices
A couple of months ago I wrote about the concept of the DBA as a commodity (DBAaaC), and how it can be so easy for management to consider any DBA as a basic, and replaceable resource within their organization. This got me to thinking (and it would seem that my thinking takes a long time) that maybe a little guidance would be in order to help prevent you from becoming a DBAaaC.

Not everyone is in the same situation, so I’ve broken this down in to a couple of parts, one for those of you that have the time, and inclination to get things done, and those of you that can barely find a half hour to themselves.

First up…when time for you isn’t a problem…

When you have the time

Enjoy that luxury while you can, because it will not last forever. While you have spare time then you are able to use it to greatly increase your knowledge of SQL Server and its various ancillary components (plus underlying operating system). “But where to start?” I hear you ask. There are two ways you can go here.

What interests you?

Seeking knowledge, and finding it, is something that you would be able to do with any piece of SQL Server, so just pick something random and have at it.

Actually that’s not the best way to go. Think about what it is that you find interesting or exciting about SQL Server (or a related technology). When you have a keen interest in a subject it generally makes it easier to learn. Additionally, you will probably find the learning process for that subject to be fun, which makes you more likely to do it, especially when the going gets tough (it’s not all sweetness and light).

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