Hardening SQL Server

My new article for SQL Server Magazine on Hardening SQL Server has been posted online and will appear in an upcoming print issue. This article is a brief explanation of how to secure SQL Server against malicious attack or invasion. This article can serve as a guide for preventing your SQL Servers from being compromised.

Excerpt from Article

SSCM: Setting Static Port Number
SSCM: Setting Static Port
Hardening SQL Server
SQL Server applications rely on data, and protecting that data has never been more important than it is today. SQL Server is a popular target for hackers, so your data is at risk of being intentionally compromised. In addition, your data is at risk of being accidentally compromised. You can minimize these risks by hardening SQL Server, which involves reducing its surface area and controlling access to it.

Reducing the Surface Area

The pathways that can be exploited to gain access to or elevate privileges in SQL Server are referred to as the surface area. To reduce the surface area of SQL Server, apply the following best practices.

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